Tiktok and EU commission

After reading this

I wonder which are the security risks, and would like to hear from people more expert than me.

Tiktok and China are only taken as examples and the association is incidental. I would be curious about it even if the app was either from xxx or yyy.


I am not an expert either but, even if I would think that the risks for an average user would not be far greater than with another capitalist social media app, the threat model of an employee of the EU commission is a bit different considering ByteDance is known to have tracked journalists IP addresses in order to identify their sources

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Check out the link to the cybersecurity firm’s study on TikTok and other apps (near the end of this article):

The U.S. and Canada have just proposed bans of the app on government-supplied phones.
Trump tried in the past but failed in the courts. Will see what happens this time.

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