Tim Cook of Apple's view on data privacy- and others' opinions of his stance


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Since Google is in all iTunes apps and since there is no standardisation in privacy policies of apps in iTunes, no possibility to opt out or to manage tracking in the apps, this talk about privacy by Tim Cook seems to me not so honest.

His comments remind me of the politicians who start claiming that they support a particular view or stance, simply to attract a certain voter subset, when in fact, their previous political choices clearly indicate otherwise.

Advertising is inherently dishonest, while data mining invariably produces honest, as well as vulnerable, patterns about people that leave them susceptible to insidious forms of manipulation.

My view on advertising is a little bit different. If it concerns a digital newspaper for instance, I have no objection to non personalised advertising. It replaced the news on paper and ads were always necessary for newspaper to keep going on. The problem with most apps is that they are part of surveillance capitalism: sneaky stealing our data in order to make money by selling it to third parties. This has to change. But how? Developers have to earn a living too and selling t-shirts is not the solution either. I think fair pay for apps/services is not bad at all if we could be certain that they do not track us. This should be controlled. I have read interviews with Jaron Lanier and he says this.