Time for a new Nougat build run?

I failed to spot the release of v0.11-nougat last month. I should find time shortly to do a new build for Sony Nougat devices (suzuran, sumire, taoshan, nicki, ivy, karin, karin_windy).

Is there likely to be a v0.12 in the next week or so? If so, then I’ll probably wait until it’s available.

Also, I’m open to requests to build for other nougat devices while I have the source on my remote instance running Docker.

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Hi ! The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge received no update since the 0.7-2020.02.15.41379 version.

It would be amazing if you could do this !

Thanks !

Please see this defect and my response in this thread. The reason there is no recent build is because this bug still exists. So, sadly, there is no point making a new build. Sorry!

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I understand, no problem at all ! Thank you for your reply. I just want to mention that I just flashed an unofficial Oreo build for the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge (Zeroltexx), (Thanks to the efficient, fast and generous update by @itsclarence) It is (so far after a day of testing) not affected by the reboot when locking. I will keep testing it and see how it goes.

Testing results can be found here : /e/ on Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge SM-G925F (zeroltexx)


Can anyone from the Dev team comment on this?

Hi @petefoth there is no ETA on the v0.12 for the issue with the reboot on the zeroltexx have asked @rhunault to have a look at a different source…a user on Gitlab mentioned another build did not have this issue

Thanks @Manoj. I’ll wait then. I don’t want to spend time making builds that are nearly a month out of date.

Looks like the release / tag is there now. I’ll kick off the builds