TMobile LTE Bands & Phones for use in USA

Continuing the discussion from /e/ installation on galaxy s9 plus can't get into Teamwin:

I wanted to share this for anyone out there looking for phones that /e/ supports and align with all of TMobile’s bands in the USA. If you are looking to flash your own phone I would consider these two. I have now successfully flashed /e/ to the Moto G7 Plus and my OnePlus 6T arrived today. Once I get the bootloader unlocked (already submitted to OnePlus) I will get to work on it.


Also make sure the chosen phone is known to use VoLTE on T-mobile. Otherwise you will be unable to activate with T-mobile, or reliably make and receive calls.

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Since the three of us have been watching this issue for a while, I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on each phone running /e/. May attempt to pick up one of them on the cheap and flash myself if not too difficult and it meets my specs (I don’t believe earlier OnePlus phones had SD card slots, a necessity with the amount of music I own).

My OP6T has 128GB internal no SD. The Moto G7+ has 64GB internal and up to 256 SD. I love both phones. My only gripe with the 6T is the on screen fingerprint reader, its finicky. Not the case on the Moto, it works good as the Galaxy’s. OP has great specs, Moto more mid tier specs.

Have you ever looked at running a Plex or Kodi server (can be done from a home lap or desktop) for your music? Then you could sandbox the app in Shelter or ensure NextDNS is blocking it’s trackers? The Plexamp app is great for streaming music.



Another option might be to install Lineage for microG until /e/ releases your OP Nord 10, 5G (if its supported, is it?) Granted LOS for microG will phone home to Foogle more but its still better than OxygenOS.

@Taurus uses a Sony I believe. I run a Sony Xperia XZ3 for testing other ROMs and its a nice phone (no /e/ support).

Interested in what @Taurus has to say as he is full of info!

Also others, would love some dialogue.

I could MAYBE make 128GB internal work for my music collection, I just could make a whole lot of expansion of my collection obviously (but maybe that’s not something I need to worry about…they aren’t making music like they used to).
No support for the Nord N10 5G on LOS w/ mG. Right now I’m running ProtonVPN and NextDNS on it and hoping that covers me in a lot of instances.
I’m hoping I can find someone interested in my two Samsungs to finance the G7 and 6T…I’ve spent a lot of money on phones in the past few months in search of a phone that meets my needs.

Be sure the G7+ is one of these models:


  • XT1965-2
  • XT1965-3
  • XT1965-6
  • XT1965-T
    Other models are not supported

Link to all info👇

Here is the actual device link to Amazon

Also, because this is the TMobile Revelry model the rear camera is a bit different and much confusion on cases is found online. I found that these two cases work well and I use both, Case 1 & Case 2

Edit: Steps on G7+ to unlock bootloader

Here is the OP6T

This is the exact phone I purchased when TMobile had offloaded extra new inventory to a 3rd party to sell👇" * 1. This is the Tmobile USA A6013 Unlocked Model and is Single SIM." Amazon link to phone

Edit: On the OP6T steps to unlock bootloader

@HellsBells, @egx470 I have only owned Xperias, so I can’t comment on the phones in the table, except to say that I personally would never buy a phone without a micro-SD card slot; what with all the music, photos, videos, emails, messages, and apps one accumulates, the hard drive will fill up faster than expected.

I would go for the brand that’s easy to unlock and has good, continuing /e/OS (and Lineage) support.

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Back of the envelope math here, my N10 has a 128GB onboard storage and a 512GB microSD. Of that 640GB, it’s using 80GB, which would leave about 48 gb to work with on a 128GB, assuming /e/ itself took up the same level of space that a standard Android install does. I could make that work, but I agree with Taurus, a microSD is preferable. (Music would be the main problem though. Podcasts get deleted upon completion, photos get backed up to Plex (and eventually Proton Drive), and I’ve learned to do more with less in terms of apps as a result of /e/.)


A microSD also makes it trivial to move all your stuff to a different phone when you need to.

Thanks for this thread. Are there any other similar phones you came across other than these few that meet the same criteria or were close?

I’ve been using the S9 and I think the bands its missing are causing problems. Other than that I’d love to find something as big or even smaller without the damn curved screen edges.

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I would start by checking the list of official and unofficial /e/ builds in the forum, then cross-reference your short list with VoLTE-capability on your network. You’ll have to search online for the model number + “VoLTE” and see what turns up. Or ask your carrier if it will work; you won’t yet have the IMEI, so you can’t use their online compatibility checker.

Thanks, I forgot to mention that I’m basically on T-Mobile now (Ting) thus my question…


You can also use this site to check how a phone’s frequency bands line up with T-mobile’s (or any MVNO that runs on T-mobile), or any of the other carriers:

Use the device compatibility checker to enter the model number of the phone. Keep in mind, that site doesn’t consider VoLTE, so make sure you confirm that first.


Honestly a chart like the one in the first post for each carrier would be a great resource for /e/ to provide.


@egx470 as long as the OP is an A6013, it will work, correct?
I found an A6013 that’s 256GB (not saying where, cause I’m selfish like that), which will give me some breathing room on the storage space issue. My post on selling the S9s is generating some interest, so I might roll with the 6T as a primary and the G7+ as a backup device (maybe even keep the N10 in case I REALLY need legit Android).

Yes, should , that is the model I have mine is just 128GB.:+1:


Also I wanted to let you know that you may need to go into your NextDNS UI and manually block this tracker :point_right: . It was getting home but is now blocked after manually adding it to the denylist. I verified using this tool👇

Thank you! This will be blocked naturally on my shiny new 6T running /e/, however, yes?

This was on my 6T running /e/. That host was not being blocked. Just look for it using that tool and manually add it via the NextDNS UI👇