To Use Gmail App

Hello everyone,
I installed /e/ to my FP3 last week and I am very grateful for the effort. I have a question regarding to installing the google apps. I would be glad if anyone knows how to use Gmail with /e/ OS.
I know it sounds contradictory but to use my professional email on my phone, I need to install Gmail App. The email uses exchange but (according to IT department) with security reasons they allow the access through only Gmail android app. I installed the app via App store but i cannot open it, it crashes everytime.
Thank you in advance

Hi Caner,

I’m sorry, but you are using a goolag free OS. Installing goolag apps on it is like putting alcohol in an alcohol free beer.
If you can’t use the default email app you have to use the web browser for accessing your goolag emails.

And you should tell your IT department, that goolag is reading the emails. So using Goolag in a company is really no good idea. I have worked 20 years in IT department and we have nobody allowed to use gmail on a company phone

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Thank you for your answer. I totally understand your point. I will use web browser for emails.
I wish our IT had similar logic you have. Unfortunately our IT makes us depended always either Microsoft or Google based softwares. I had a few discussions with them about this. Their response is always “we build in this way, it is not possible in any other”.

Typical. I know this bad talkings :angry:

Since /e/ uses microG to try to mimic Google services, you can’t make sure that Google-dependent Apps will work 100%. Even if you would get them to work initially, this might break at any time for an unforeseeable amount of time once Google applies changes to their services microG then needs to catch up to again.

For your (unfortunate) scenario it would be better to try LineageOS and install Open GApps (which has the real Google Apps and services), but LineageOS is not made for business use either, and for the Fairphone 3 it’s just in early stages anyway.
(As LineageOS isn’t a Google certified Android OS, to play it safe with your Google account, you would also want to have a look at Google’s device registration for the use of Google Apps and services on non-certified Android OSes …

He has found a working solution some days ago: Using webbrowser :slight_smile: