Tomtom go navigation doesn't install

I Installed on my Xiaomi Pocophone F1.
I added my Google account because I have a payed version of Tomtom Go navigation.
If I try to install the Tomtom app I get a Micro G services core saying that Google account settings are not yet implemented.

Is it possible to use the payed Tomtom app within e?

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I don’t think it is, unless Aurora has a facility for it… search for “paid apps” in this forum and you’ll get more elaborate answers.

I think this is about Google Plays Billing API used for in-app purchase functions and added some debug to the github issue that exists on “com.tomtom.gplay.navapp” ( TOMTOM doesn work · Issue #782 · microg/GmsCore · GitHub ) - but don’t get your hopes up this would work without the full gplay services.

Microg implementing that Billing API would come after a lot of other components. Maybe adding them as “stubs” to return something to make a app crash less likely are basically still just hacks.

Thanks tcecyk, You are the only repliant so far.

sorry, “in-app purchase” is a better search than “paid apps”, different things. There’s a thread which links to - but then you could also go full gplay services too?