Tor connects in seconds

I am using /e/ since a while and I am quiet happy with it.
Also I started sending encrypted emails using openkeychain recently. All going good so far.

To even more enhance my privacy I downloaded the tor apk.
When I start Tor and hit “connect”, the tor node connection takes maybe 2 seconds.
Any other time I have seen a tor connection being estabished, was it on WIndows, Tails, Linux etc. it always took a noticeable amount of time longer than on my /e/.

What could be the reason? The difference in time is almost scary.

Any other comments on my attempt to more privacy/OPSec is very much appreciated.


You are saying that it connects too much rapidly?

Install Net Monitor, so you can check by yourself which IP address it going when Tor starts

My observations very not correct, the TOR browser seems to be ready but is not, it takes a while (as it should) to be able to open any onion page.