Touch sensitivity

Hi all,
Just the other day On my Galaxy S9 SM-G960F I wiped /e/ 8.1 and manually installed /e/ 10.
Now I notice that the touch sensitivity is low. I have to press relatively hard to type or swipe.
In the display settings I turned on the slider to enhance touch sensitivity, but that has no influence.
I have a screen protector, but in /e/ 8.1 Oreo it was no problem.
Am I the only one?

Second question; In /e/ Oreo, the was an /e/ forum app that has dissapeared in Q.
Is it downloadable? what’s the exact name then?

Thanks in advance

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I’ve got the same issue with my S9+
With 8.1 everything was fine with the touch sensitivity. I also use a screen protector.

For the /e/ forum app, in the default browser > 3 dot menu top right > scroll down > Install app should do it.