TousAntiCovid new tracking application in France

In France, the previous Covid-19 tracking application is replaced by a new one TousAntiCovid.
Available on Apple Store et le Google Play.

Do you plan to have it available directly on /e/apps repository ?


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Technically it’s not a new app, just an update. The codename is still

Even if in Apps the name is still “StopCovid”, if you download it it will be called “AntiCovid”.

Good to know !
Thanks a lot

The native /e/ App Store has an old version 3.1.4 of this application (latest is 3.2.1). How does the App Store get updates of the apps? Does it synchronize with the Google Play store? Or is it another process?

Here are some observations about this TousAntiCovid issue. For some reason, I was unable to get TousAntiCovid installed from the e-app store. So I downloaded an APK for version 3.3.0 from APKPure, installed the APK with no problem. Version 3.3.0 works fine. You can add your vaccine certificate easily. Just scan the QR code.
However, once inside TousAntiCovid 3.3.0 you will get a prompt to update to another (yet newer ?) version. I presume this version is the one that automatically converts the 2D-DOC vaccination certificat to the European Pass Sanitaire . If you pursue this option the app sends you to the /e/ app store where you then see a prompt to de-install the current version ! No need to proceed further since the e appstore currently reports version 3.3.0. Seems like a loop. De-install version 3.3.0, reinstall from the e-app store, open the app, click the prompt to update and see the de-install prompt again. Maybe somebody can explain what is going on.

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Thanks for the tips!

Further update : Turns out that the European PASS sanitaire EU (containing the new QR code ) is available via your AMELI account online (if you have a French Carte Vitale). In my case, It just appeared in a message on the account.
Download the Pass Sanitaire PDF from Ameli, print and use the QR code to add it to TousAntiCovid. As a result, no need to update the app, although it’s still telling me there is an update available ;-| .