TrackerControl — a way to neutralize in-app trackers

Tracker Control needs time to detect the tracker. They are shown after first active connection.
On some devices TC or Netguard are nit working and nobody have found the cause.

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Ok, thanks @harvey186. Trackercontrol had many hours to detect trackers on my tablet (lineageOS), but still said 0. On my /e/ phone, trackers were identified in a matter of minutes or less.

Try netguard on your tablet. If that’s working, TC should also working.
If you want I can give you the link to TC telegram group. If netguard is working the dev can I hope

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Perhaps, but I had blocking of trackers turned off… So that should not be the reason
Nope am on a Samsung

Mhm, crazy. I have tried icecat on 2 xiaomi devices. On both it’s working well with TC activated

Do you use ‘private DNS’ ?
And you can check here. There are some things shown which need to be setup right for TC

Here’s my ongoing little experience about this.

After some months with Blokada, and some advice from @harvey186, I recently moved to Tracker Control.

After some days with it, no issue, very smooth app, quite discrete about battery usage.

But when comparing to what blokada listed as blocked stuff … I found quite a difference.

And thinking it a bit, of course there is (I’m an idiot :slight_smile: : Tracker Control blocks trackers by default, but not ads (see ; or at least not much, as the default hosts file shipped with Tracker Control is not aimed at that !

So I grabbed a good host file from Steven Black ( and imported it into Tracker Control (append mode, to keep original = default entries).

Let’s see how it goes :

  • will some more blocked stuff appera in reports ?
  • what about battery usage ?

Hoping this can help :slight_smile:

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thx for sharing. Let us now how it will work

Thanks. Will follow this thread, while testing TCwith my Shelter use of web-using apps…

I use the add-on Noscript on firefox on my laptop. It’s easy to use and useful, so I hope one day there will be something similar on the /e/ browser.

but that’s only blocking browser tracker, NOT app tracker

Why classyshark find tracker in TrackerControl ?

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It’s considered one of the “not to bad” trackers:

I see, thanks for the information

Just installed TC, now netguard stopped to work. They don’t like each other.
Which one should be active? Which one is better?

Yepp, only one VPN us alowed.I like TrackerControl more.
Both using same blocklist. So it’s your choice which you will use

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OK I just tested TC and it ist strange only two APS has tracker. F droid and sonos.
All other do not have any trackers.

I know this is not true there are much more apps on my phone with trackers.

If I run classy shark it shows me more trackers.

So either is TC wrong or miss configured.

No. Wrong. TC is showing the trackers as soon as they where/are active. Use your device and refresh TC screen und you will see more and more trackers blocked.
Don’t forget to activate ‘showing system apps’ otherwise you can’t see trackers in default apps like email and browser

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What happened with TC? I can visit Google. I can visit Wikipedia. I can Open links from twitter app via browser. Nothing seems to be blocked anymore despite being active.

It’s activated, not any other VPN is running, no private DNS is set up ?

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Yep, yep and yep. Also tried deactiving and starting anew.