TrackerControl, using a lot of battery

I find TrackerControl is using a large part of my battery - 30 to 40%.

If I have some apps, where they have no need to go onto the internet, and I have turned off WiFi and mobile data in the phones main settings for these apps, I could therefore turn off monitoring in TrackerControl.

Two questions, in this circumstance, would this save battery, I think it would, and secondly, would it reduce my privacy, I don’t think it will?


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That’s odd. For me, TC only uses about 4% battery per 24 hours of phone usage. But then, I keep my phone in “Extreme Power Saver” mode all the time. (For the power benefits and to have dark mode.)

I haven’t used TC very long , but with my limited experience, I would say:

Yes, it would save battery. Privacy impact would depend on what kind of evil apps you have installed, whether background data for those apps is disabled or not, whether their internet access is disabled or not, and whether you use them without first turning on TC.

Maybe TC communities can help ?

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2% per day
And yes, besides blokada, a great APP.
But be sure to get both from f-droid and not the evil ones, aurora or internal APP store
Because of store restrictions.

So far today

I don’t know. But i know you have a lot of problems

From the app developer himself -

I seem to have high battery usage for TC, around 40%.

TC doesn’t usually use a lot of battery. This tends to be wrongly
attributed because it’s running in the background.

Can I safely turn off monitoring on apps that I have blocked internet
access via the phones settings?

Sure, but don’t think this would save much battery.

Could apps buffer data they want to send, which could be sent if main
internet settings are turned back on, before TC monitoring is tuned
back on?

Yes, apps could do that indeed. No one really knows what tracking
libraries do, because they do not tend to be open-source.

I will post your reply in the e forum if OK with you.




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