Trackers blocking on /e/


Is there any additional feature available to block any trackers that still send 3rd party data about my phone? Even applications on the market are sometimes classified as low privacy due to many trackers.

Thanks in advance

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No default app. Several people recommend
TrackerControl (TrackerControl allows to monitor and control hidden data collection in apps.) -

Yes, TrackerControl is one of the best. You will find a long thread about it here in forum

I found this:

That’s about browser tracker blocking. But we have talked about app tracker blocking. That’s different

Yes but i thought i place it here because google is 1 big tracker

But isnt it so that if u block google servers that trackers like google firebase and google analytics cant reach u?

there are tons of different trackers, not only goolag.

I downloaded F-droid, which then enabled me to download and run TrackerControl.


When I entered the TrackerControl main menu, gave it rights to monitor my device and opened ANY internet-using-app to check Trackers that it has … the application says there is no internet. The TrackerControl lists the trackers along with specific names of google/fb services, but the application itself - e.g. Whatsapp - doesn’t work properly - messages don’t refresh etc.

Anybody been in similar position?

do you have disabled ‘private DNS’ ?
Do you have running an app which encrypted the DNS queries ?
Do you have run any Firewall like AFW+ ?

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Hello Harvey!

Answering your questions:

  1. do you have disabled ‘private DNS’ ?
    It was enabled, I disabled it by:
    /e/ settings > Wi-Fi & internet > Advanced > Private DNS > Switch to Off and tap Save.
    …and nothing changed… but I understand it should be enabled because thats what the TrackerControl needs…?

  2. Do you have running an app which encrypted the DNS queries ?
    I am not sure, but I assume an application that encrypts DNS query/request sent from my device to DNS server would be influencing my internet connection, IP… I have:

  • AVG Antivirus - running at the moment
  • VPN - disabled at the moment
  1. Do you have run any Firewall like AFW+ ?
    Only AV/Firewall is:
  • AVG Antivirus - running at the moment

No, Private DNS is using encrypted DNS queries which TC can’t read. So it must be OFF

Antivirus on Android makes only the device slower and dries the batterie faster. I see realy no need for any Anti virus app. I would remove or Disable to check if TC will work better


Thank you for all the help Harvery
AVG AV - I disabled it… and still nothing…
I suppose I am the only one with that problem?

feel free to aks the dev here He is very friendly and will answer soon

Hi @Duminous, have you fond how to fix your issue ?
I face the same problem !

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