Trackers in microG?

Hello All,
I have a question regarding “microG”. I installed Exodus Privacy and it found three trackers in microG. Please have look to the pictures below.
How I have to understand it? Are the trackers really there? Get they real information from me or get they fake information?

Exodus Privacy uses the “codename” (I don’t know how it’s called) of the app in order to find infos on its server. MicroG has the same codename as Google Play Services, so it gives the result for Google Play Services.

If you go to the link it gives, you can see it :


Ah, ok, I understand. Thank you for answering!

Ok, so microG itself has no trackers then.

Interesting to notice that on the screenshot there are 23 permissions for microG. Now I have checked, there are 28.

Well it’s complicated. microG is a collection of libraries, some of them are standalone utilities like UnifiedNlp that can work with no Google interaction, and others are inherently dependant on Google services like Push Notifications (Google Cloud Messaging).

Sometimes it’s unavoidable to send some info to Google because it’s needed for the end apps to work. The main difference is that microG always puts user privacy first. I think in its default configuration it doesn’t send any information at all to Google. User can enable some settings to increase app compatibility at the cost of some privacy. The nice thing being that he’s always in control and can decide which ones to enable or not.

In contrast, Google Play Services will send everything it knows to Google. And if you register a Google account every library or app can detect it and link the data to it so that Google can identify you and cross-reference all the info.

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