Trackers in Paypal


In an Android phone, 3 bank/payment apps I use, have the following trackers (checked with ClassyShark3xodus)

» MbWay (4 trackers):

  1. Google Crashytics
  2. Google Firebase Analytics
  3. Facebook Analytics
  4. Facebook Login

» CGD (2 trackers):

  1. Google Firebase Analytics
  2. Pusher

» Paypal (5 trackers):

  1. Adjust
  2. Amplitude
  3. Google Ads
  4. Google Firebase Analytics
  5. MParticle

MbWay and CGD you might not use (made in PT) but using Paypal in /e/os do you still have 5 trackers? :scream:

Do you’ve the corresponding IP addresses or website names?
Note: 3. Google Ads could be



*Google Ads

*Google Firebase Analytics


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Thank you, @Hermano. I’ll cross-check these against my router blacklist.

Thank you so much @archje

As a sidenote Paypal shares personal data with 600+ companies. There are many articles about it, short search for “paypal, 600 companies” reveal them. So with Paypal you are tracked anyway.

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Pretty scary isn’t it?

That’s partly scary and it’s truly a shame.

Paypal. What a company. Disgusting. They make money from your transactions anyway, but they sell you and your personal data for profit.