Trackers not found

A Norwegian car registration app from a goverment agency, appears to have numerous trackers(Google 3, Facebook 5, etc) looking at AppLounge.
However after installing and looking in Advanced Privacy, there is nothing. No trackers, nothing!
Can anybody explain this please?

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For me there are the following options: The app has no trackers, the trackers have not been active yet, the trackers are so well programmed that they cannot be detected.

I use Signal, which is known to use Google services. So far there has not been a single connection to Google services. Interesting…

Update: Fourth option would be that the trackers are suppressed from the outset, so to say nipped in the bud. I just don’t know if /e/ OS can do that.

Thanks. Looking at Signal in Advanced Privacy appears to be identical with the app in question.
Your answer appears to be relevant.

II track the connections with PCAPDroid. There you have the possibility to select a target app and monitor it. Even after an hour, there is no connection from Signal to Google.

No trackers in Signal…

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What source did you tell that?

Not sure I understand the question. However the Applounge provides some analyticals.