Transfer of photo/video to a Mac or transfer to SD-card, how is that done?

Photo and video ended up on the internal memory of my Fairphone 4. (I finally figured out how to store these on the SD-card). What I tried so far:

  1. BlueTooth: The Mac only allows to transfer to the Fairphone, not receive.
  2. Transfer from the internal storage to the SD-card: No idea how to do that. Any ideas?
  3. USB connection to Mac: Phone is completely ignored.
  4. WiFi: I don’t see the Mac show up in my phone or the phone show up in my Mac.
    The only and awkward options left are to (somehow) transfer the files through WhatsApp, Telegram or Signal.
    Any suggestions on how to transfer the files to my laptop? Help is appreciated.

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The most frugal solution :
“2. Transfer from the internal storage to the SD-card: No idea how to do that. Any ideas?”
=> you could use some decent file manager, able to make usual-on-desktop operations on files / folders (move, rename, … and even copy :-), like Total Commander.


Syncthing is what I use, but macOS didnt have a userfriendly package until recently. It will use your local wifi to sync and needs some setup per folder you want to sync

GitHub - syncthing/syncthing-macos: Official frugal and native macOS Syncthing application bundle

Download the latest dmg release at Releases · syncthing/syncthing-macos · GitHub

In the settings I disable global discovery and keep it network local.


I assume your SD card is set up as external storage so the card can be used in other devices? If yes: To transfer files or folders to the SD card, use the FILES app on your FP4. Locate the files or folders and HOLD the item until it is marked. Tap the three dots (this also allows you to “Select all”) in the top right corner to choose either “Move to …” or “Copy to …”. Then locate the target/location on the SD card where you want the file/folder to end up. Choose “Copy” or “Move” at the bottom right.

A USB connection to your Mac requires software to be installed on the Mac. For years, the standard program for that has been, but I would suggest to have a look at as well – I think it’s more up-to-date and offers much more features.


I had prepared a little screenshot. I have got used to doing this as @urs_lesse says with Files, but it may not be intuitive at first first due to the dominance of what I call “Android shortcuts”.

So traditional navigation only happens with Files > Open navigation pane from3 bar menu top left. The image highlights the only two roots of the “real” navigation trees, every thing else is an Android shortcut. The top right menu includes a get info button which can help orientation.


Another vote for OpenMtp. The Ui is a bit clunky, but it works :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot, guys. I’m quite happy with the variety of suggestions.
It really shows that technical people are very willing to help others.
I’m going to sort through the options later to improve my ‘experience’ with the FP4.

I’ve installed this software and I got it working. Thanks.

KDE connect is available for most systems, including android, ios, window, linux and probably macos. It allows you to transfer files, mutes devices when your get a phonecall, control multimedia, use one device as mouse/keyboard for another, run configured commands, browse files and probably more. Works like a charm :slight_smile: