Transfering files from smartphone to computer

Hi e community !

Which app are you using to transfer files from your smartphone to the computer without usb ?

Is there any to download on f-droid ?

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I’m using my seafile server for file transfer / file sync :smiley:

hello, on my linux laptop (MxLinux Debian), I’m using the Nextcloud sync client app. Works great. I have all my smartphone’s files automatically synchronized into a folder (photos, documents …). Nothing more app installed on my /e/ smartphone.

yepp, nextcloud, owncloud or seafile are great for this automatic file sync :smiley:
but seafile is the fastest for file sync :wink:

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Thank you guys for your quick answer !

I’m noy sure I want to synchronize my data automatically. I was just looking for a simple tool to access some of my data on my computer occasionally. Like the app Airdroid.
Right now I am sending emails to myself … which is not the best way I guess ! works well though…

@anon64684597, so sorry I didn’t undersand a word of what you said ! … sounds like chinese to me :sweat_smile:

FTP Server (Free). It allows me to work with my phone’s storage as a regular flash drive, just wirelessly. You don’t need any additional software on your computer — just mount it with your file manager like any other remote storage. Also, it is the fastest (faster then USB 2.0) and most user-friendly FTP server app available in the F-Droid now (tested all of them just a few days ago). I have found only one issue related to connection stability, but developers already aware about it.

I also use KDE Connect to synchronize clipboard, notifications, SMS and some other stuff between my PC and Android in real time. (kinda Apple Continuity). If you need a compatible client for macOS — just pay attention to Soduto.

beginner’s questions:
a) you mean ?
b) I can use it with (or only with a own nextcloud installation)?
c) It is possible to define specific/custom folder pairs? I have the problem that the built-in feature of /e/OS for synchronizing “pictures and videos” only syncs the “root” files in /DCIM/ + the photos in the subfolder “OpenCamera”, but not /DCIM/Camera/


… sorry for using this thread after searching the forum …

To b) yes you can.
To c) you should setup an WebDav account under ‘accounts’ to get access to your own cloud server.

Thanks for your quick answers!

But do you mean with “to my own cloud server” not the ecloud server?

With b) yes. But webdav is only for calendar and contact sync. For file upload you new the nextcloud client or any other file sync app like 'FolderSync" ftom Aurora (which have trackers)