Transfering files from smartphone to computer



Hi e community !

Which app are you using to transfer files from your smartphone to the computer without usb ?

Is there any to download on f-droid ?

Have a nice day !


I’m using my seafile server for file transfer / file sync :smiley:


hello, on my linux laptop (MxLinux Debian), I’m using the Nextcloud sync client app. Works great. I have all my smartphone’s files automatically synchronized into a folder (photos, documents …). Nothing more app installed on my /e/ smartphone.


yepp, nextcloud, owncloud or seafile are great for this automatic file sync :smiley:
but seafile is the fastest for file sync :wink:


Ghost commander or primitive ftpd are on f-droid.

In phone settings, developer options have a local terminal app option/slider. This terminal has the sftp command.

Debug settings have an adb over network option.


Thank you guys for your quick answer !

I’m noy sure I want to synchronize my data automatically. I was just looking for a simple tool to access some of my data on my computer occasionally. Like the app Airdroid.
Right now I am sending emails to myself … which is not the best way I guess ! works well though…

@ithink314, so sorry I didn’t undersand a word of what you said ! … sounds like chinese to me :sweat_smile:


Sorry, I assumed adb and sftp familiarity.


FTP Server (Free). It allows me to work with my phone’s storage as a regular flash drive, just wirelessly. You don’t need any additional software on your computer — just mount it with your file manager like any other remote storage. Also, it is the fastest (faster then USB 2.0) and most user-friendly FTP server app available in the F-Droid now (tested all of them just a few days ago). I have found only one issue related to connection stability, but developers already aware about it.

I also use KDE Connect to synchronize clipboard, notifications, SMS and some other stuff between my PC and Android in real time. (kinda Apple Continuity). If you need a compatible client for macOS — just pay attention to Soduto.