Translating into Persian & Kurdish Luanguges And Localization

Hi Dear All,
I am interested in translating the e/OS into Persian and Kurdish. I also have a lot of experience in open source and translation.
I would also like to introduce this system for the target population of 200 million Persian and Kurdish speakers in the Middle East.
Participate in active platform development, localization, distribution and support… and much more…

All the Best…

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone


Thanks for your interest in translating the OS into Persian and Kurdish. You can check the guide given here with an /e/Gitlab ID you should be able to log on weblate and start the process. In case of any issues with the process pl send a mail to


hi dear @Manoj ,
Thank you for answers and guidance.
I am also glad that I was accepted in your friendly gathering.
I created the Gitlab ID, and registered on the translation server (weblate) and now I’m logged in.

the Best…


Hopefully the /e/ servers have enough performance for all those new users… :wink:

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