Trebucet on your /e/OS device? - Show the community how you mangaed to install it on /e/OS!

No one is doubting that /e/OS is a great OS in the community. This project has done a lot for user privacy, ease of use, welcoming experience, as well as a great community share ideas and help each-other out when needed.

One of the things that makes /e/OS so great to use is that it’s android at the core. So you have a certain amount of flexibility to customize your /e/Device how you want.

However many of us have noticed a kind of a hiccup as well. Many people like the simplicity of /e/OS but would like a different launcher which is just as streamlined. Since /e/OS is based on LineageOS that choice of a slick and smooth launcher is a simple one - Trebucet.

Yes people can use 3rd party launchers like Nova, to name a few. But if I can use something that is already within /e/OS why not have the option to use it?

Now Bliss launcher has a lot of advantages and has a lot to offer. But this is one customization many would like to make. That somehow Trebucet is within /e/OS as an important part, but you can’t make it default.

On the forums there have been a few users that have been able to install a full version of Trebucet on their /e/Device. Can any of you show us how you managed to do that? If you used scripts or side-loaded a file or two? Would any of you be willing to share screenshots of the end result?

Thanks in advance :sunglasses:

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Hi Seven,

Search words “trebuchet launcher” across this forum produced results that answer your question in detail.

You can find apk’s to download yourself to install and try out or if you build the os there is info on how to enable the launcher in the build.

I don’t think there is an easy way for us to enable it on the device as it is. May be wrong.

There is an old universal version on an old xda thread that I have tried in the past and again just now. It works ok but one has to make one’s own mind up about downloading from there. The home settings are more generous than the current los version.

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I had no difficulty finding an apk of it, installing & running it. Granted, I am probably using an old version, but it does what I want from a launcher, Bliss never did, but I haven’t used it in a long time. Has Bliss changed or improved at all?

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