Trebuchet launcher while trying to find out notifications access

I was trying to find notifications access , and when I did , I find out that it gives me the opportunity to give acces to TREBUCHET and BLISS launcher?? does it means that trebuchet is somewhere in the system?? Using R build in a xz2c

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Trebuchet is the default Launcher / Home screen app for LineageOS, on which /e/OS is built. Trebuchet is definitely present in the /e/ builds, but it cannot be opened directly or used as the default home app.

My guess is that some part of /e/OS - possibly Bliss launcher - depends on or uses some functionality or API provided by Trebuchet. And I don’t see it as a problem - Trebuchet is FOSS, and the source is available on github

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No no , it was not about if it was a problem. It was just that it will be interesting ROM