Trouble Connecting Murena One to T-Mobile in the United States

I’m having trouble connecting my Murena One to T-Mobile’s cell network. T-Mobile refuses to provide tech support since it’s not one of their phones. Has anyone else had this issue and had success resolving the problem to connect to the cell network? Also, does anyone else have any experience with other US providers, such as AT&T or PureTalk USA?

Which device ? Each phone has bands it supports

The phones are Murena One phones

Isnt there like 5 of them ?

The devices are Murena One phones

Murena One is one of the Murena phones. There are the Murena Fair Phone and the Murena Teracube. There is only one Murena One.

Probably more detail about the specific behavior or lack of behavior is needed.

FWIW, with my Sony, on which I installed /e/OS, I have to toggle to 2G to first acquire T-mobile’s network (via my MVNO Ting Mobile), then back to LTE. This is so persistent that I typically just always switch to 2G before shutting down or when entering large buildings where I suspect signal will be lost. Then I return to LTE when powering up or exiting such buildings.

Several people here have reported similar behavior with various phones, so it must be a relic from LineageOS or something.

But more detail about your specific situation would help.

Well, lets look together mate.

Those are the only 4g bands that your phone supports:

This is what tmobile supports:

Extended Range 4G LTE

  • Frequencies that can provide Extended Range LTE
    • Band 12 (700 MHz)
    • Band 71 (600 MHz)
  • Our Extended Range LTE signal reaches 2X as far and penetrates walls for 4X better coverage in buildings than ever before.


  • Frequencies that can provide LTE:
    • Band 2 (1900 MHz)
    • Band 5 (850 MHz)
    • Band 4 (1700/2100 MHz)
    • Band 66 (Extension of band 4 on 1700/2100 MHz).
  • 4G LTE offers fast download speeds, up to 50% faster speeds than 3G. See Data speeds.
  • Voice and data services only work at the same time when on you have VoLTE enabled on your device. Otherwise, LTE only provides data

Looks like only bands 2,4,5 and 12 are supported

You can look here
To see which bands are on the towers around your area

T-mobile USA should support more LTE bands than those.

Same info i provided fir 4g lte, same exact bands you listed

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Oops. Sorry. I didn’t make the connection mentally between the first list and the second list.

BTW, the OP would have had to pass T-mobile’s IMEI checker to activate the device, unless he/she only moved an existing SIM over. Even then, I think T-mobile support would have mentioned if the device was incompatible or not, which they don’t seem to have done.

I think some time in the future murena will offer to swap the motherboard or the modem so we can all upgrade to better US modems

The story is this: when the CSR provisioned my wife’s Murena One, it connected. My Murena One never connected. I put my SIM card back in my Galaxy S9. The next day, I moved her SIM card to my phone and my phone still didn’t connect. When I put her SIM card back in her phone, it wouldn’t connect. I put my SIM card from my S9 back in the Murena One and it connected. The next day, I restarted my phone, and now it won’t connect. I took her phone to the T-Mobile store and when the rep put a SIM card from a demo Galaxy into her phone, it connected. The rep also found out that the IMEI# comes up associated with the hardware manufacturer and not Murena, and he suggested that might be an issue. However, nothing in T-Mobile’s system shows that the phones are not compatible or that the IMEI# is blocked. After all that, neither Murena One connects. T-Mobile has refused to provide tech support because we didn’t buy the phones from them. Their fallback is that the phones are not compatible, but only because we didn’t buy the phones from them. We have both original SIM cards from T-Mobile (that were in our S9s) and new SIM cards. I set the APN settings to be the same as for my S9, and it still doesn’t connect. In the cell network settings, it just shows as not connected. Bottom line is, each Murena One worked for a day, then stopped working, and one Murena One connected with a SIM card from another Galaxy not associated with my account. It kind of looks like T-Mobile might just be blocking those phones for my account, but I’ll have to do some more digging to confirm that. T-Mobile directly told us to find another provider. Unfreaking real.

Dont pick the carroer itself, go with with mvno. Usmobile for example ylu csn pick either tmobile or verizon reseller sim.
Major carriers got fancy software that prevents non approved devices on the network

We’ll see. I’ve got SIM cards on the way from PureTalk USA, and I guess they would be an MVNO on the AT&T network, but they’re not listed on the website I found. That’s one thing the store rep said, get a prepaid plan that uses T-Mobile’s towers. The PureTalk SIM cards should be here tomorrow.

Yeah, sometimes the reps in storefront/kiosk locations are not really very skilled in tech troubleshooting.

Did you try the 2G/3G toggling that I originally mentioned?

Totally agree!

Trying the 2G/3G toggling right now

The 2G/3G toggle didn’t work. But, it sure is telling me that somebody called and left a voicemail. I’m pretty sure that there has to be some network communication with the phone to notify me that I have a voicemail.

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It’s unfortunate that it didn’t work. Did you leave it on 2G long enough for it to establish, before switching back to LTE? Also it might help to restart while it’s set to 2G. (This should not be necessary every time.)

I don’t know how long long enough is, but I just put it back in 2G and restarted. I’ll leave it on for the rest of the day and then switch back to LTE this evening and see what happens. Cell phones and cellular networks should be no different from computers and ISP networks. There should be no proprietary devices per network. If the device is hardware/software compatible, then the network should be agnostic to the make and model and let the device connect. I think it’s possible to make this happen.

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