Troubleshouting : Agendas with Murena Calendar

Hi there !
This is my first post. I was not sure where to post it, but here seems to be the best place. I have looked for posts related to my problem, but did not find quite a solution. So here it is :

I have created different agendas in Murena calendar. They do all appear on Murena cloud (I can see all nine of them). But none of the events related to the latest agenda I’ve created seem to appear in my calendar app on my phone. Worse : The events I transferred one agenda to another have disappeared.

I can’t understand why these events keep being ignored on the app. An update has been done this morning (Settings → Account → ***@e.mail → Synchronzation → Calendar : Last update : 7 aug. 2023, 11:27).

Any help would be much appreciated !

Thanks !

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3 months later, my problem remains.
Any help would be welcome.

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