Trust Quad9 DNS but not only

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While doing some tests on dnsleaktest/browserleaks among others, I noticed that Quad9 (very often admitted to be a solution of choice regarding security and confidentiality) did not refer to “WoodyNet, Inc.” as expected but to “i3D. net” too.

While searching a bit I came across this:

Does this imply that in addition to trusting Quad9, one should now also trust another third party agent (i3net i.e. Ubisoft)?
How can we be sure that i3net applies the same policy as quad9? How can we be sure that they are not “spying” on the data that passes through their server?

What do you think ?

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First have a look at their privacy policy (if applicable in this case)…

Privacy and Cookie Statement | - A Ubisoft company

…and hope that soon we’ll see some independent third party report.
Mergers, aquisitions, and partnerships always sound good on the surface from a business standpoint but still… :thinking:

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That’s why I prefer FDN ones. But what will appen if builds doesn’t allow to set DNS ? (seen a few time ago with LOS Surnia)


  • e-0.23-q-surnia, FDN dns set by IP works,
  • LOS-q-surnia, private-dns FDN set by hostname doesn’t, quad9 does. After few tests, FDN’s hostname catch from dnsleaktest to be sure…
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