Trusted download for Odin

For /e/'s target audience, Odin seems to be the best choice for installing a custom recovery on Samsung devices from Windows devices. Heimdall is free/libre/open-source and cross-platform, but as a command-line app it is not as user-friendly, particularly for less “techie” users.

According to wikipedia, Odin is made by Samsung , and used internally by them, but never officially released by them. Looking around for download sites, I found several, none of which looked partcularly trustworthy.

If /e/ users need to use Odin, we should at least be able to recommend a trustworthy source. Otherwise, they risk downloading ‘dodgy’ software from disreputable web sites.

An ideal solution would be for /e/ to host a download site for Odin.

What do you think?


Interesting readings here : Is Odin 3.14.4 Hacked? | XDA Forums

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