Trying to get rid of the weather-app


just got my FP3 with /e/OS 0.19-20211027142972 and am getting used to it.

I dislike the weather-app as it keeps locating me in the US even if I call my location with “…/DE” and the automatic location doesn’t work. So I’d like to get just rid of it.
Any hints?



Weather app shall be removed since 0.16. You probably requesting a removal of the widget, right?

That cannot be removed, it is hardcoded. Uninstall Weather App and Widget - #2 by andrelam

The issue with location is on the radar of devs Weather app cannot find location (#4071) · Issues · e / Backlog · GitLab

Search the forum for ideas “weather widget”, but most of the user there went with another launcher.

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yes, of course.
Use another launcher and forget the weather app.

you can observe the weather by looking out of the window
If you really want a weather app, download one of the many FOSS apps from f-droid

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Hi @mungo ,

You could try this alternative and unofficial version of bliss. No guarantees!

I’ve used it on an eOS-r installation. Seems to run pretty good.

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You bet.
Sometimes the forecast is helpful, but I don’t need to be told, if the sun is shining.

That’s what I did.
Tried KISS Launcher and now the mess ist history.


Strange things happening, and I suspected either the display has a problem or the launcher does not treat it right: I have a flickering of the display any time I wake it up and I have to really covince it to take my code to unlock the screen.

So, I tried to switch back to Bliss for trial, and at first it seemed to be gone. Search for “launcher” (only result: KISS launcher) or “starter” (no result) was futile.
Found it finally in the apps and forced it to end.
Now the flickering is gone.
Does someone have an explanation?