Trying to get rid of the weather-app


just got my FP3 with /e/OS 0.19-20211027142972 and am getting used to it.

I dislike the weather-app as it keeps locating me in the US even if I call my location with “…/DE” and the automatic location doesn’t work. So I’d like to get just rid of it.
Any hints?



Weather app shall be removed since 0.16. You probably requesting a removal of the widget, right?

That cannot be removed, it is hardcoded. Uninstall Weather App and Widget - #2 by andrelam

The issue with location is on the radar of devs Weather app cannot find location (#4071) · Issues · e / Backlog · GitLab

Search the forum for ideas “weather widget”, but most of the user there went with another launcher.

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yes, of course.
Use another launcher and forget the weather app.

you can observe the weather by looking out of the window
If you really want a weather app, download one of the many FOSS apps from f-droid


Hi @mungo ,

You could try this alternative and unofficial version of bliss. No guarantees!

I’ve used it on an eOS-r installation. Seems to run pretty good.

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You bet.
Sometimes the forecast is helpful, but I don’t need to be told, if the sun is shining.

That’s what I did.
Tried KISS Launcher and now the mess ist history.


Strange things happening, and I suspected either the display has a problem or the launcher does not treat it right: I have a flickering of the display any time I wake it up and I have to really covince it to take my code to unlock the screen.

So, I tried to switch back to Bliss for trial, and at first it seemed to be gone. Search for “launcher” (only result: KISS launcher) or “starter” (no result) was futile.
Found it finally in the apps and forced it to end.
Now the flickering is gone.
Does someone have an explanation?

It seemingly had been a contact problem: After unscrewing 13 scews, taking out the display, cleaning the contacts and putting it back together again everything seems fine so far.