Trying to install microG Exposure Notifications crashes Apps

I am using /e/OS 0.13-2020120889008 on a ONEPLUS A6003 (“Enchilada”).
MicroG Version is
Every time I try install microG Exposure Notifications via Apps (Version 1.1.6) as per How-To, the Appstore crashes.

Any hints?

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It sounds a little like what I experienced. According to Update on the testing in progress and following a fix is already being worked on.

BTW, to me it looked like the installation of “microG Exposure Notifications” didn’t work, but it actually did. When looking at the microG settings, EN was there, even if Apps repeatedly crashed.

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For me Apps crashes when clicking the microG EN install button.

Unfortunately this seems not to be the case here:

I too experience this issue. When I first try to install it, the screen just refreshes, however nothing is installed. If I try again Apps crashes.

I raised this issue on Gitlab and @arnauvp proposed a workaround that did the trick for me:

In sum, you can install the EN package manually without using Apps. To find it follow the link indicated in Arnau’s reply. Just make sure the apk matches the /e/-version you’re running (test, dev or stable).