Trying to migrate from ubuntu-touch to /e/ but fastboot is not working (OnePlus 6t)


I am trying to get back from ubuntu-touch to /e/ on a OnePlus 6t, but I can’t get adb or fastboot to work. I know that adb doesn’t work on all devices with UT, but I guess fastboot should work (and I hope). I can boot to fastboot mode manually with the phone’s buttons, but from there my computer does not detect the device.
My USB cable is ok. I am running KDE Neon on my computer. Developer mode is activated on my device, a 4 digits password is set, and the device state appears as “UNLOCKED” in fastboot mode.
Any help would be highly appreciated. Thank you for your support.

If you can boot fastboot mode and your cable is ok maybe it’s the platform tools or fastboot version on the pc not working for you. The last successful session for me with OP6 was with version r31.0.3.

Obvious I know, but plug cable to back of pc if possible.

You are going to need at least Android 10 stock on your phone first before flashing e; I believe you would have 9 as the base for UT?

Thank you for your answer. I just moved to Fedora, I am going to trying again after reinstalling the tools on several versions. I don’t remember which android version I used, but I read that flashing /e/ directly should work. I’ll tell you how it went tomorrow.

Well, coming from UT I guess you have diminished expectations but best practice would be to have stock android 10 on your device to install eOS Q, or android 11 to install eOS R.

Actually I switched to a “dumbphone” (an AGM M6). I just want my old phone back to a more usable state just in case, but any /e/ version would be ok.

I had flashing issues with Fedora and switched over to Linux Mint and it went smoothly.