Turn off lock screen being always on with time

Hi team, with my pre-flashed galaxy S9, the lockscreen always shows the time & date.

How do I disable the screen completely when the phone is locked?

I have tried display settings, and playing with lockscreen preferences, but no luck so far.

Advice appreciated

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LineageOS (which /e/OS is based on) has no option to turn off the clock in the lock screen. There are probably tools to do so but they probably require root (Magisk module, EdXposed).

You can set the ‘Screen lock’ to None but then you get no lock screen at all. When you wake up the phone you’re immediately at the home screen.

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I think what you are looking for is found in settings>display>more>screensaver/ambientdisplay

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Yes! This seems to have done the trick. Thank you both for getting back to me

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Aww man. I thought the want/desire was to remove just the clock/date from the lock screen. Oh well.


I could have explained better. Thanks anyway