Turn phone face down to mute it

Hey, I think Pixel devices on Android 12 had this feature that if you wanted your phone stop sending notifications, you could turn it face down on table and it went on mute.

Any chance to see this on /e/os for FP3+ ? It’s the only feature I miss from the Pixel phones.

According to the internet it’s a feature of the Google Dialer (which is available in the Play Store for installing it on any Android phone) and the Samsung Dialer.
Perhaps it will make its way into the AOSP Dialer (and thus into /e/OS) somewhen, but who knows.

Currently, I guess you could either log this as a feature request with the /e/OS developers at the GitLab … https://gitlab.e.foundation/e/backlog/-/issues/ … or perhaps you could convince the developer of the popular Simple Dialer to add this, I don’t see this feature mentioned yet in its description.


If this is introduced please make it optional.