Turning off apps store

lineageos has a decent way to hide the fdroid icon for access to apps.
what is the equivalent in /e/. im interested in not allowing games etc (or any apps) to be installed. kids sometimes touch my phone.

id like to hide the app install

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If you install and use OpenLauncher (instead of Bliss or whatever you’re using), it has a setting to hide any application. You can also choose to show OpenLauncher settings as an app icon on your screen, which makes it easy to change settings on the fly.

I think Bliss will be getting the ability to hide or even uninstall system apps soon.

im a newbie on /e/. do i use apps to install OpenLauncher? or is there a faster way

the apps icon just gives me a spinning wheel on search for openlauncher (or anything else). is the store broken? or busy?

Strange… Apps finds it immediately for me. Are you sure you’re connected to the internet?

In any case, it’s available in the F-Droid (Free and Open Source) app store. (It’s OK to have more than one app store on your phone, by the way.) To get F-Droid, you can either install it from the /e/ Apps store, or go to f-droid.org and scan the QR code with your phone.

Tip: If you don’t like the complexity or layout of the F-Droid store, you can install F-Droid Classic (from within F-Droid) to get a much simpler interface. You can then uninstall the regular F-Droid store without affecting anything you’ve already downloaded from F-Droid.

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you also can deny all data connection for this app
in ->settings ->applications ->Apps ->data-usage

there were option in nougat settings, in privacy section, called “protected apps” to set a gesture lock for an app,
but i don’t find it in pie

i rebooted and things are working very well. apps came up with openlauncher quickly. i had to use the fdroid version to install though.

the openlauncher opts are wonderful and did a very nice job.

tks. tks. tks.

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