Turning off sync Pictures and Videos


I would like not synchronize my data (pictures, videos, address books…) with my Murena cloud. In Settings / Accounts / Murena.io account, it is written “Sync on for all items”. Then I click on “Account sync”, it is written “Pictures and Videos” “tap to sync now”. However it is not written “Sync is off”, unlikely to others fields (“Calendar”, “Tasks”…).
When My phone is connected to the Wifi, there is an automatic synchronization for my photos and videos between my phone and my Murena cloud. How can I not sync my pictures and videos ?

I’m using /e/OS 2.0.

Thank you for your answer,

… but is the toggle to disengage not visible like this

and at the level above

I don’t have the same view :

I don’t have toogles. I don’t know why…

and at the level above

In a strange way this reminded me of the look when we could switch off sync from our (upper level) view of Account sync.

I do not find that switch now.

Do you perhaps remember using that switch before so that you did manual sync only, I certainly tried that while trying to get the hang of things in early days?

If in your case, yes, pure speculation but I am wondering if there has been a change to stop / prevent manual sync, but we each inherited our previous setting when this change happened??

It may help to draw in more replies if you include the full build version string from

Settings > About phone > tap Android version > long press /e/OS version to copy to clipboard.

As far as I reminber, I never had switchs. By default, sync was on and so I tried stop it.

My /e/OS version is the latest : 2.0-r-20240509400072-dev-a5y17lte