Tutanota: Encrypted email service weathers latest of ongoing DDoS storms

So for me the case is clear. There are a lot of people interested to bring this company down because they are doing the job right. Meaning keeping your stuff private. I am using it too and for me is clear, we have to support them in any way (donating, opening an account…) For me this is an attack on our freedom to keep our stuff private. I am very curios what the \e\ community thinks about it.


I totally agree. When I say to my friends or any acquaintances Tutanota. Usually there’s a question “What?” and I have to explain.
Going this way I started wondering if it’s not so famous company or product why anyone wants to destroy it or is so determined to continuously attack their system. Tutanota wrote on their blog that there’s no info about any ransom or so. So there seems to be kind of a goal -> attack & destroy.
It’s a strategy as old as a modern world and it’s a bit boring for me. I feel bored of competition and I agree it’s time to cooperate and support them anyhow.


Yes they are doing something right. I use their service openly. I appreciate and support them!


They do the things quite fair… Nice company don’t fall!

This happens too often unfortunately, it’s especially annoying when you’re trying to give it out loud to older folks or over the phone (everyone expects gmail or similar). In that regard, I thank Protonmail for allowing to use the pm.me domain.


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