Tutorial for syncing with ecloud on a non /e/ phone

Is there a tutorial on syncing a device with a non /e/ OS such as lineage or other android based OSes. I am not interested in iOS phones.

I’d like to sync email, contacts. photos, calendar etc in the same way /e/ does.

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On the topic of migration there are a few posts here

For a long while all of my ROMs/devices synced contacts and calendar with /e/ using DAVx5 (which /e/'s Account Manager is based on). That part should be easy peasy.
Email also using any client of your choice.
One of the listed HOWTOs will show you how to use NextCloud to access or sync other items like documents and photos.
All of the above is covered by one or more of the tutorials in the above link.

Even on my Pinephone running Sailfish OS there is an app (forgot the name just now) allowing me to sync everything to the phone. Not bad.

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Thanks for the replies. Read tonight and do tomorrow.

Thanks. Everything I need is working now.

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