Twint does not work due to "overlaid apps"

When using the app “Twint” I get the message:
“Another app overlays TWINT (e.g. a «blue filter» app). This is not supported for security reasons. Please deactivate such apps in order to proceed.”
I went to the menu Settings\Apps and notifications\Special app access\Display over other apps\ and deactivated all apps with this permission. It dit not bring anything.
I have this problem since I updated the system from /e/OS v1.6 to v1.7.
This issue is quite impacting me as I make lots of payments with Twint.
Where can the problem come from? What would be the solution to overcome this issue?



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You might be able to track any progress here …

When does it show? I was able to send with Twint money. Ismit during paying online or at a store?

Same problem here with TWINT when migrating to /e/os 1.7… Any fix yet?

Problem solved when updating to V1.8

Hi !

Got the same issue and, luckily, the solving with the new update v1.8.1 :sweat_smile:

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Works perfect since the update to 1.8.