Twitter best app?

Any advice on Twitter best app for Android?

twidere or if you have also other sozial media account you can use AndStatus

+1 for Twidere thank you!

+1 Twidere thanks a lot

I like the PWA more

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I really love Friendica, especially because it links to so many different social networks (including a bidirectional sync with Twitter). I’m not sure which Android client to use for Friendica, but i think there are several.

From Wikipädia:
Clients (Status April 2018):

  • Hotot (Linux)
  • Choqok (Linux)
  • Pidgin (Windows, Linux)
  • Twidere (Android)
  • Mustard (Android)
  • AndStatus (Android)
  • Friendiqa (Android)
  • Friendly (Sailfish OS)
  • Gravity (Symbian)
  • Friendica Mobile (Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone 8.1: Windows Store)
  • DiCa (Android)
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Thanks for that advice, I have just installed Twidere and found my existing twitter accounts. However, I couldn’t add the second account right away and had to consult the same account on an android+google (Samsung) tablet in order to understand that my account had temporarily been blocked and had to be unblocked with a captcha test. The same twitter warning message tells me that during that operation, google can gather information about my device etc etc. Coincidence? What has google got to do with a twitter captcha test?

Capacha are designed and hosted from/by goolag.

I have blocked all goolag domains via pi-hole. Everytime a capacha input is needed I have to stop my pi-hole. That’s crazy.

By the way, I’m using twitter via PWA (works great with default browser)

I am using “Slim Social for Twitter”. It’s incredibly light, do not ask for billions of permissions… I recommend it.

I just use nitter, you can try (default instance) and to have a multi feed, just put accounts separated with comma in url:,account2,account3

I was disappointed that not one safe twitter app could be found in the e-app store. Slim-social and Tinfoil show me not only likes but also advertisements and recommendations, which means that I am being tracked.
On my ipad I used Tweetbot, without this and on Sailfish a twitter client also without this.

Yes, this is required by Twitter. Just make as much noise as you can about it for the ReCaptcha is a data thief.

What’s wrong with Twidere? I’ve been using it for a while and it works fine

Nothing! You are right, Twidere is a client app that doesn’t show the whole package: likes, ads and recommendations. At first I couldn’t find it because I typed ‘twitter’. So, Thanks!

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Nothing. But in my use case Twidere is a bit slow starting up (and I even switched off any automatic synchronization and this stuff …) Does anyone know a faster way to make a tweet? (An app which starts already in tweet editor mode?)