Two applications that need improving, email and Camera

My biggest bug bear … whilst I have retired, having been a Vision Support Technician for students from Primary age through to Higher Education I still participate in the VI Forum here in the UK. When using Evolution on GNU/Linux, I have discovered that a lot of the message board emails (the forum is email only) are ending up in my Spam folder but not showing up in the Spam folder on the phone and Synchronisation is always set to on. My other gripe is that it is only possible to Forward messages on a computer, not within the phone application.
With regards to the Camera, sharing does not have a link to my, which would be useful.

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if you go down some nesting levels in Mail settings for the specific mail account you can configure which imap folder it maps for the Spam view and if new mails in there are synced with the main sync. It should be automatically configured - if it’s not it warrants a bugreport.

you can do that, it’s behind the double-left-arrow symbol upper right, second icon from right → dropdown → 3rd option “forward”

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Hi tcecyk,

Thanks for pointing out the location of forwarding of email. It would be useful if the email client had a separate icon pointing right for forward rather than have it grouped under the reply icon.

Had a browse on settings and can’t find what I need for Spam to be synchronised.

Screenshotted how the Spam folder in the device mail client is mapped to a Spam folder. It worked for me with the defaults on “Automatic”. Anything in the webmail “Spam” folder really is downloaded to the device. What do you see on your end?

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Mine was showing the one above bottom, “spam”.

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