Two bugs from latest upgrade and one from before

i would like to report two bugs one is perhaps severe other is anoyance that was i think already reported …
severe one happend this morning as i woke up i found Samsung A52 not usable all i can see is status line at top and black screen showing time… status line with batery does react to switch button but that is all i cant get by this screen with clock. i have either total launcher or nova launcher and i upgraded just few days back to latest /e/ OS …im now trying to empty battery if itll behave.

other bug is when i step from sun to the shade then my screen would turn unusably black with low contrast or shady too. i then have to go to settings and click on lightning…i tried all… turn on dynamic light adjustment or to turn it off …it behaves same in all situations.

other than that it has been pure joy experience. i hope this

will help you.

finaly found how to reset Samsung A52 and its working now …if it helps to anyone

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