Two issues, maybe bugs


just updated my GS290 to e V1.0. Many thanks for the V1.0-release, great job! Especially the “Advanced privacy”-items and the “App lounge”.

Experienced two oddities, maybe bugs:

1: after reboot, the system asked me to enter the SIM-pin, and I entered correctly the pin that I got together with the SIM-card, and it answered “Wrong pin - 2 attempts”. Then I entered the (different) Android/e-pin to open my phone, and it accepted it as SIM-pin.
There are obviously 2 pin-windows on the system: one that asks for the pin that I use every day to open the locked phone, and the other one only appears after reboot and asks for the SIM-pin. But something is strange with the SIM-pin-window. Why doesn’t it recognize the original SIM-pin, but accept the Android/e-pin instead? Or does the Android/e-pin replace/change the SIM-pin?

2: “App-lounge” didn’t work since it couldn’t connect to the Internet. I checked my connection with other apps, e.g. the browser and a web-site, and the Internet connection was fine.
Then I remembered that I’m using “Invizible Pro” in DNScrypt-mode (as protection against tracking by the Internet-provider, and also as a protection against man-in-the-middle-attackers, that otherwise could easier read and redirect my DNS-requests ).

As soon as I turned off “Invizible Pro”, “App-lounge” found the Internet and started working.
This issue is repeatable: “App-Lounge” and “Invizible Pro” (in DNScrypt-mode) are not compatible.

Easy workaround: Turn off “Invizible Pro” before starting “App-lounge”, and activate “Invizible Pro” again after “App lounge” is closed. (Disadvantage: the man-in-the-middle-protection is gone, when the user really needs it during app-download. Connecting to an app-store without DNScrypt makes it easier to perform a supply chain attack by redirecting the connection to install malware, e.g. a manipulated app, on the phone)

Any comments?

Best regards,

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Try turning off the Advanced Privacy feature to hide the IP address.