Two issues with 0.14-q on the FF3

As an intro, I am not new to /e/ having used it since version 0.6 on a number of different phones.

My main phone right now is a Google Pixel running e-0.14 pie, and it works great. Really great. Literally everything works exactly as it should and I’m super happy with it. The battery is getting tired however, so I decided to look around at options to upgrade.

Enter the FF3. Seemed like a nice step in the right direction, and even has a replaceable battery. I picked one up, it came running Android 9, I promptly unlocked it and loaded e-0.14-Q. The install went normally, and /e/ is up and running on the device. There are two issues I noticed immediately however, that I did not experience on the Pixel phone.

  1. The LiveDisplay feature that adjusts the color temperature for day/night does not work. The settings there have no effect whatsoever. No error message is displayed, it just doesn’t work. This is a big problem for me as the phone is really unpleasant to use after dark with the harsh daytime blue light of the display.

  2. The launcher animation is jerky / stuttery as compared with the Pixel phone. Opening and closing folders on the home screen, or even just vertical scrolling, it doesn’t look/feel nearly as smooth as on the Pixel. Not a huge deal, I can live with this, but spending $hundreds on a new phone to have a UI that performs worse is mildly annoying.

If anyone has experienced these or knows of solutions, I am all ears!! Thank you in advance.

Live Display on Q doesn’t work at the moment


A ha, that explains it, thank you for the bug link @Ingo_FP_Angel

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