Two problems with Q install on Sony Xpepria XA2

Ah. Well my XA2 is pioneer H3113. So different devices and OS builds.Presume the little on-screen pop-up volume level you get when pressing vol button is in sync with the main settings? Maybe it’s a bug. I’ve had a look in the issues page for e but couldn’t see anything related. Might be worth another look.

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I can live can live with it since it works well with Bluetooth speakers and the OS is stable. Maybe I just need to flash a kernel but I don’t wanna brick this and will see if other people have similar issues before reporting an issue on github.

Oh and I like how it has a VoLTE key now! :blush:

VoLTE screenshot


Maybe you’ll get some more input from other users with a bit more know-how, with a bit of luck. I don’t know why but XA2 posts don’t seem to get much help. When I was having many problems starting out last year with this device I didn’t get a lot of help; just had to muddle through, bootloops all over the place!
Anyhow, good luck. :grinning:

Curiosity got the better of me. I put stock android 8 on my spare XA2, installed eOS Q, and I’m now seeing how it goes.

So far so good and no sound problems with media, headphones.

I was wondering what happened. Before I flashed stock on it I was trying to restore my nandroid backup of stock 9 and it soft bricked and hung at the Sony screen. Somebody in another thread told me those backups aren’t reliable because they were encrypted by my lockscreen code so future backups should not have a lock code. I got out of it by force powering down - press volume up and power buttons till the phone vibrates 3 times. Then getting into TWRP was a mess because /e/ pie only had lineage recovery.

I wound up getting into TWRP but all this took about an hour, it was very late and I was tired and not thinking right. I wanted to wipe it and followed the directions to install /e/ pie but did too much and wiped everything but micro SD.

Apparently Sony had drivers on one of those partitions I wiped. Flashing stock 8 ROM after this (the next day I followed a YouTube video for this and checked all the install options in flash tool) did not restore the drivers for the audio it seems.

I’m not sure if other tech people create such problems for themselves!! :rofl:

Now what?:thinking:


Where did you do the wiping in twrp? Was it on this screen? If it was, then I don’t think anything drastic would have been wiped. Re-flashing stock should restore everything anyway. But I’m no tech expert. Could do with the help of someone more proficient such as @petefoth (hope you don’t mind me pinging you here :grimacing:)

I have a similar issue with my XA2 where it does not play any media, only ringtones and keystrokes.
I bought a second hand (but never used) XA2 H3113 with Android 8 on it and installed the e-0.14-q-20210204100104-dev-pioneer version - no media sound. After trying to install twrp afterwards (wanted to use twrp to boot from slot A to see if that changes anything) I ended in a soft brick (reboot loop).

So, you can see that I have no experience / knowhow with phones :wink:

I then used Emma (Sony flash tool) to re-install Android, but accidental installed Android 9. When I realized I re-installed Android 8 using Emma and installed e again.

My next step would be to install Android 9 and then e-0.14-q-20210204100104-dev-pioneer to try if it resolves the issue. Does that make sense? Is the Android version used before installing e important?

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I don’t mind at all, though I’m not sure I can help very much :slight_smile: As far as I know*, the /e/ ROMs include both a system image and a boot image, so installing the e-…zip file should give you everything you need.

* But I may be wrong here

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Things like drivers for sound would be included in /system yes?

I’m not sure. I would have thought that low-level stuff (like audio and video drivers) would be in the boot image, but I don’t know for sure. I’ve never really looked that closely at the stuff I build :slight_smile:

Ah @303max, you have made my afternoon with that post!! :joy: Today I feel to be in good company. To get the twrp screenshot you see above, I meant only to temporarily boot twrp on my phone, but accidentally flashed it. So had to install e again.

Makes perfect sense.

I have been asking myself this question the last couple of days and may create a separate topic. But I believe on some devices it does. There were a lot of problems with some devices upgrading to Q some weeks back.

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Yes, that screen. I wiped the first 4 partitions.


I don’t think divers are in /system as the /e/ install for pie said wipe the first 2 areas.

Maybe in /data or internal storage.

Edit :I fixed things to make understandable.


Marty, I’m getting confused now.
Interesting how @303max has similar sound problem, and his phone is XA2 pioneer. Wait and see what his next e install turns out like?

when u installed /e/, did u wipe any of those partitions?


Yes, I also wiped “Dalvik / ART Cache” and “System”

How about u, ChrisRG-same thing?


Short answer, yes. But I’m no good at short answers, sorry. Recently I have deliberately been using the eRecovery to install eOS. Why not? It’s simpler. Less options. I’m not saying don’t use twrp. This is just a pointer to an easy install of eOS

Installing eOS on XA2 I would highly recommend the procedure below. Follow all the steps (unless they don’t apply; for example your bootloader is already unlocked, etc).

  1. Follow exactly the Lineage OS installation instructions (substitiute eOS recovery/installation zip where appropriate)
  2. Choose the penultimate installation zip from the e download page. This will allow you to experience an OTa update to the version at the top of the list. You will then have e on both slots and a nice stable device.

Eos is a fork of Lineage and so are their installation instructions (scroll down to the bottom of the page and have alook: it says so there); but why are they so different? Answer: they have not managed to get it together yet; that’s all. But it causes huge problems of confusion for newcomers. This is not to knock e in any way, it is constructive criticism which I am sure they would agree to.

Oh yes, and another thing. Ask yourself why eOS instructions point to twrp when they have their own recovery. It’s an admin thing. Paperwork.

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The /e/ recovery is missing 2 things that TWRP has. The first is the ability to make a backup. The second is the ability to wipe specific partitions which seems to have gotten me in trouble so maybe that’s not a good thing to have anyway.


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Cool, I think I’m going to try this tomorrow (it’s getting late here in Vienna).
Would you recommend installing Android first using Emma? If so, I will install Android 9.

Also, I did not get the note on point 5 in the “Temporarily booting a custom recovery using fastboot” section on the Lineage OS install instructions.
To install on boot_a do I type fastboot flash boot_a <lineage_recovery_filename>.img ?