TWRP app on home screen, is that normal?

I’ve used the Easy Installer on several phones now, both used and new, the latest one has done something strange. It is an S7. TWRP is on the home screen like an app, when you tap on it a screen opens to tell you to download the app.
This has not happened on any other devices I have installed eos on, including another S7. I also can not remove it.
The phone is having other problems with the storage and i am wondering if this is connected.

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I’ve never had this happen spontaneously, the only time the TWRP app was on my phone it was because I had the wrong box checked in TWRP itself prior to a reboot.
What I can tell you is that UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD YOU REMOVE IT! I attempted to and it resulted in my phone being bricked and having to leave work to grab my backup phone. Luckily the easy installer restored the S9+ I was using at the time without incident.
If it bothers you do a factory reset. Otherwise, just leave it be and wait for Bliss to allow the hiding of apps (cough cough)

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Hi @coffeecraig, as far as I know this is not normal. I see that “Placeholder” is mentioned - this implies to me that the TWRP app is not installed at the moment, but as you cannot remove it, something must be installed, presumably as a “System app”. I do not think this was deliberate by Easy Installer team.

Here is a suggestion to investigate. Please go to

Settings > Apps and notifications > See all apps > 3 dot menu, top right > Show system.

There is a search function there, or you could keep scrolling to see if you find anything related.

Once found (it would be interesting to know what you find), tap on the app > Advanced. At the foot of that description you should find the app named in this type of format:

Assuming it is a system app, and not the actual TWRP app, It should be possible to remove it from your Bliss homescreen by following this method Uninstall default apps - #29 by AnotherElk

Or, if you use a different launcher like Lawnchair 2, you can leave it hidden.

If Easy Installer was definitely responsible, perhaps,

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