TWRP BAck up not working

I have tried unsuccessfully to backup e. Twrp keeps tellign me “failed”
Any ideas?


Isn’t there any other additional information within twrp log text? Are you using a current TWRP version? Are you backing up to internal storage or SD card? Is the data partition encrypted?

Hello and thank you for the reply!

Twtp is 3.1. Later twrps don’t work in my axon 7.

Backing to external SD.

Data partition is encrypted.

I will keep using e on my old nexus 4. Tonight I gave up on e for Axon 7. Too many problems. I am back to Android.



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I have the Axon 7 and do backups just fine to SDcard (FAT32). Using NFound’s TWRP 3.2. No data encryption though. Did you ever check the TWRP logs to find out why the backups failed? I think it’s better to find out why something failed than just give up. Knowing might even lead to a simple fix. The encryption might be part of the problem but no way to know without consulting the log.

That said, Axon 7 is a pain with the multiple bootstacks and various TWRPs but I figure if you had /e/ on the phone then your TWRP is/should be good.

Thanks for the reply! I am back to E. I can’t conceive using google any longer.

I have no idea how to save the twrp log. I will check.

For the moment I am not backing up for the mentioned reason. When I have time I will learn how to save a log and posted here.

I have a regular 3.1 twrp. Where can I find Nfound Twrp?


You can save a recovery log from TWRP’s Advanced menu/section. Right after a backup or flashing fails go there and generate the log. It’ll tell you where it was copied to.

The recovery I use is called TWRP Exclusive. It has all kinds of extra goodie that can be quite helpful when/if needed. Check the list of features. For Nougat the version to get is 3.2.1-7.

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