TWRP Update installation Help required


i had to do a factory reset and now keep getting a notification after restarting:

“TWRP App Update Required” Please update the TWRP APP"

I tried updating that TWRP App but it leads nowhere. I land on a website (the PlayStore of course does not work) named “Official TWRP APP” . To me it looks like a website and not like an APP: I chose “Primary (Europe)”

I download the APK-File top of the list “twarpapp-26apk” .
If I click on the downloaded file ,then nothing happens. There is no update starting up.
There are various Folders: “Assets, jsr305-annota, META-INF, res,Android Manif,, classes.dex, ressources.arsc”

Where is the update, how can I install the update?

I have looked here in the forum but found no answer (that I could understand)

Can someone please help?

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It is recomended to not install this unneeded app,
it just check for some update for your device-specific custom-recovery software TWRP witch is necessary.
generally when you want to manually upgrade your system, you will search for a TWRP new version.

If you click in the browser? The browser is probably missing an “Allowed” setting in Settings - Apps & notifications - Advanced - Special app access - Install unknown apps. Usually it should ask for this permission once you try to open an APK file.

Else … you should be able to open an APK file with the Files App and start the install process this way. Files downloaded by the browser usually get saved in the Downloads folder.

Hello AnotherElk,

thank you for your help and information. I am afraid it doesnt work in this case unless I did it wrong, which is also very possible. I changed the setting to “allow installation from untrusted/unverified sources”
If I click on the downloaded APK File - in fact it is a ZIP - nothing happens, only opens the folder with a lot of mysterious folders inside…( i am not a computer technician- I can switch on and switch off)

The procedure is as follows:

  1. Notification about TWRP Update
  2. I click on it
  3. choice where to download it from, “Play Store” or “Website”, I choose “Website”
  4. I choose “primary for Europe”
  5. I download the first download file, from the top of the list
  6. the file lands in downloads folder
  7. I click on it, nothing happens- only it opens containing more folders --as mentiioned before. No APK to click on File, no EXE File, nothing that would just run…

Also on the website of TWRP it is described that “when you first open the app, you will be greeted by a few options” But this does not happen. The TWRP APP does not do anything but to lead me to the Website…

I just used the Download me.twrp.twrpapp-26.apk link at without a problem.
My browser (Fennec F- Droid) downloaded me.twrp.twrpapp-26.apk to the Downloads folder.

Perhaps don’t try from within this TWRP message, just use your browser with the link above.

Maybe the .zip file is intended to be installed from TWRP ?

Or the WebView component often invoked by Apps to show web pages renames .apk downloads to .zip for security reasons. You can’t easily install a malware ZIP :slight_smile: .

I don’t see a ZIP file download offered to install the TWRP App on the download page.

Hello AnotherElk,

I did that, and the file lands in the download-folder. It is a Zip Folder.
“Clicking” on it opens the Folder to a multitude of folders. As in the picture above “Meta Inf, Build DAta, Classes Rex” etc etc
Nothing installs itself, no Executable File (or what it is in Lineage or TWRP)

But really I dont even know what TWRP is for - therefore I completely deactivated it for the moment.

I could not even install it in “recovery mode”, (volume down+home+power) I dont know what this mode is called, but it is for the installation of the OS. Even from there I can not install this Update.

The APK when it is downloaded it turns to a Zip File. See my picture above with Downloads.
I am no expert at all this computer stuff. I suppose this whole Lineage OS is really for programmers/techies/nerds…I am certainly not a big fan of technology, I have to live with it.I just wanted a google free phone, that works easily. But as Bluetooth is really buggy and unstable, I might have to consider going back to my very old cell phone for the car.

I cant use the TWRP to install this. The TWRP App I have on the phone only leads either to the PlayStore or to the TWRP-Website. The App itself (as far as I understand) doent do anything other than that. There are no other functions.

Hi AnotherElk,

I did it with the FENNEC Browser. Somehow from there it was possible to install it (via Google Account) !
I still dont know what this TWRP does, but it seems it was updated or installed succesfully.

Thank you!

So now, what do I do with this TWRP APP?
I have the choice of:


TWRP Flash
Backup exisiting recovery
Network statistics.

I dont know what to do with it… . . I just hope the bluetooth works, now that the TWRP update is made.

Ok, thank you very much. This is all still new to me