TWRP wants to modify system partition? (galaxy S9)

Hi folks,

I started my galaxy S9 but it immediately rebooted into TWRP where it gives me two options:

  1. keeping my system partition “read only”
  2. swipe to Allow Modifications

I have no idea why the phone booted into TWRP or what modification it wants to do. As far as I know, I didn’t do anything special like a system update.
Any ideas please?

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What hapens if you just ask TWRP to reboot the system ?

I guess I can’t because I have to decide first what to do with the system partition.
I just added a picture if that helps.
My guess is that I should choose “keep read only” but I’m unsure because I don’t understand why TWRP asks me now.

This is a sort of harmless splash screen, you do indeed get out of by saying you want to keep read only.

Actually no modifications would happen right off, if you swipe to modify!

I’m wondering if choosing the Read-Only setting could hang the automated /e/ update process …
As far as I know, this setting is persistent (recorded somewhere in /data).

So I’ll “Swipe to Allow Modifications”, as @aidb wrote it’s harmless.

oh well I chose keep read only :sweat_smile: Let’s hope updates still work. After that I was able to use TWRP normally.
I had to reset my phone to factory settings because it refused to boot. But I guess that’s another problem.

Maybe you can change the behavior in TWRP’s settings, if needed.

Today I have the same problem like @simon24 … :’( when you have chose to reset to factory settings, did you lost any data ?


In my opinion, just wipe and ignore. I had problems with ‘keep read only’ to install OS, a long time ago…

Note that this first screen will appear after each ‘fornat data’ or manual TWRP upgrade. So I use to:

  • ignore ‘Read only’ advertising and swipe,
  • chose Reboot > Recovery (to patch ‘data’ partition),
  • deny ‘Install TWRP as system app’

Then TWRP is stable (correctly flashed ‘Recovery’ partition and patched ‘Data’ one) for OS install/upgrade…

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