UK Banking Apps - Starling Bank Not working

Just swapped One+6T running /e/OSv1.9 (screen stopped working but phone still alive) to Motorola Edge also running /e/OSv1.9. Both phones have Magisk with configured Deny List plus Safety NetFix. The One+6T ran Starling Bank app fine but Starling on Mortorola blocks app because phone is rooted.
Any suggestions for a cure - followed instructions using BusyBox from 2019 but Magisk has changed since then.

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Ditto for my #fp3

I have been given 14 days to reset my phone to factory settings before I will lose access to the account via this device.

Not entirely sure why it is happening now. I already transferred from iodéOS to eOS because that had the same problem.

I wonder if that puts the problem in the hands of microG?

Have you managed to find a solution to this? My Starling bank app has just stopped working

Apologies for my slow reply. I have managed to get Starling to work but I am not sure if I know why. I assume you have Magisk running and within that modules MagiskHide Props Config and Universal SafetyNetFix running and on. I am not sure how much detail to go into…here goes.
Quick Fix (possibly): log into your Starling account via a web browser on your phone (not on PC). This directs you to the Starling App and then I found I could login. Bizarre - because the Starling App would not allow me to login.
I did experience problems installing Magisk on Motorola Edge because the recovery file (modified in Magisk) exceeds 100MB and that creates a problem loading it into a partition through “flash boot”. I tried altering the size of file that a partition could accept using the “-S” command but could not get it to work. The alternative is to flash into recovery. It is a little more fiddling around but the instructions work on this link
There is a further wrinkle - the Safety NetFix software did not seem to be working - there is a work around that you should be able to find on Github (File name may help search: Once I went through all this all my apps that refused to work on a rooted phone worked - except one (an EV charging app).
EV Charging problem - default privacy settings are to block all trackers but there is one that always seems to cause problems “Mobile Engagement” which has to be on to get a lot of apps to work. BTW that app does not apply to Starling Bank.
Sorry it has taken so long to answer and my rather wordy reply.

A solution I have seen but not sure how it would work is to block a DNS request. More information here

Otherwise I am not sure what to do. In a similar position and not really wanting to move banks.

I do not have Magisk installed, i have never needed it in the past, but it is looking like this is something i need to do. Having never installed Magisk, do i need to do a re-install os?
I tried your quick fix, and that also worked for a short period of time, but would like to get it fixed permanently

You don’t need to re-install recovery Magisk will run with your current OS.
However, you will need to follow the install procedure which is a bit circuitous. Depending on the recovery you have (ie phone) you might have up follow slightly different process.
There is plenty of help on the internet, eg
Bit there will be specific for your phone.
If you get stuck let me know.