Ulefone Armor 6S

Here some info on this rugged model:


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we couldn’t find this device on /e/ but we found a page with instructions for installing lineageOs (even tho ulefone 6S comes with android 9 and not android 10 as those instructions mention).

Is that a good alternative?

Anyways, we arrived to /e/ as it is highlighted for its simple installation (for non tech people like us)
and we really couldnt follow those instructions for lineageOs.
Well, any help much appreciated :slight_smile:

End of last week I have had a ulefone blade a3 which was shipped with Android 9. In web I have found tutorials how to unlock und fladh LOS17 GSI. But none was working, because that device was not able to boot in bootloader. So I’m prefer not always trust what is written somewhere in web. Better first try if there is a twrp available for it and if you can flash it

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hi harvey, thanks for your answer,
unfortunately we are not into tech for knowing about twrp nor flash… but we will try to read about that.
we moved from iphone to fairphone, but for how we work, those are too fragile for us, so we went for this hard rugged ones, thinking that was going to be easier to get out of G … anyways, any help much appreciated. thanks!

here some files from Ulefone Armor 6S. no idea what they are, but theres no much on ulefone website about this model.
(source: https://www.ulefonemobile.com/software-downloads/)

Thanks @harvey186, you are very helpful.