Ultimate guide to patch one earphone quieter than the other

Ok guys !

I have taken the decision to create this post in order to have an ultimate guide to patch the too famous issue of “Earphone quieter than the other”. I had this issue on my old iPhone 5s and now on my S7 under /e/OS. I thought that was a sound card issue and that changing phone would just fixe that but NO.
Yesterday, my earbuds were working like a charm, today they don’t. The sound volume seems to be mega-low in the right ear. Strangely, it is always the right that cause issue.
I have thrown away 5 earphones like that, wired or not. I definitly want to get rid of that trouble that traumatized too many people.
If you know some way to patch it, please send it here. Applications, command-lines… Anything.

Thanks for your support and your participation, together we can make this thing fixed.

In my case, looks like it doesn’t directly come from the phone. Actually, the “Power on” sound in the earphone is impacted, and the problem occures on every platform, mobile or computer…
I think that the phone modifies something in the earphone hardware. It’s not a wire or something like this as it’s my 5th earphone…
If you guys have something similar or a way to fix it, please let me know !

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