UltraSonic cached files are not read


After a thorough search on a caching issue for UltraSonic from F-Droid (latest), it looks like the issue is actually coming from the ROM.

Here is the issue: whenever I connect from UltraSonic to a sound server, things go well, and the music files get download and cached in the folder configured for it. So far so good.
The problem arise on the second listening, when it should load the file from the cache. It just fails and reset the display to an empty, generic album.

But, if I install the exact same application on a factory reset Android, the cache is loaded seamlessly by UltraSonic, no issue at all.

I have no idea how to troubleshoot this further though. All I can say is that UltraSonic has Storage permission on the device. I tried changing the cache folder location, it works just fine, but the cached files can never be played back…

I have opened an issue on the forge: https://gitlab.e.foundation/e/management/issues/896

Feeding my own thread, I can also get UltraSonic to play successfully when my headphones are connected to the Bluetooth (!).

But if I disconnect the bluetooth connection, then again it just fails to play after few seconds and try the next song, eventually reaching the end of the playlist.

Issue is still present. It also prevents me from using Jitsi (no sound).

So, I found some thread on sound issues with OnePlus 5/5T. I could have the same issue, though it’s still very strange because the notifications work fine, Signal works file, NewPipe has no issues at all, but UltraSonic works only when I attach a bluetooth device, and JitsiMeet has no sound whatsoever (microphone and camera work fine).

I don’t want to reinstall or take any unnecessary risks if I’m not 100% sure that it will fix it. A feedback would be appreciated as well.

could be an audio decoding issue when the software signals hardware offloading - but the relevant firmware blobs aren’t included in the build for the chip to take over decoding. Maybe your hardware doesn’t have hw support but build instructions apply by virtue of the platform (msm8974).

In your forge issue it does seem a decoding blob is loaded - but it’s another thing if the hardware does support it (it should as Vorbis is older and for long included in Android)

02-06 19:10:29.383   846   867 V /vendor/bin/adsprpcd: vendor/qcom/proprietary/adsprpc/src/apps_std_imp.c:196: fopen success: /dsp/VorbisDecoderModule.so.1

Can you test if you’re able to play .ogg (Vorbis! - not Opus) files with the system music player?
VLC will do the Vorbis decoding in software and should always work. In hardware is just more energy efficient.

UltraSonic gives you an ogg Vorbis stream, alot of messanger/communication Apps do too and do rely on the system decoding.

Yes, the file plays fine with VLC.

Actually, it looks like something has been fixed / changed, because I am now able to play cached songs :tada:

Oops, talked too soon, still having the issue. Well since direct sound is not that great, it’s not impacting me that much. Main issue would be for Jisti meet.