Unable to add /e/ account : HTTP 405 error


I’m trying to add an /e/ account on my brand new (refurbished) S9+ from /e/.
I created my account at e.email, and can login into the web version of ecloud.global.

But when I try to add my /e/ account on the phone, I get the following error:
(translated from french)
“Configuration detection
Unable to access CalDAV or CardDAV service”

Looking into the “show details” link, I can see the following exception:

foundation.e.dav4android.exception.HttpException: HTTP 405
at foundation.e.dav4android.DavResource.checkStatus(DavResource.kt:416)

Any hint ?

Also note that I get regular messages saying “/e/ drive has stopped” in a blank rectangle in the middle of the phone screen. Probably related…