Unable to connect to mobile network Samsung S4 (SGH-i337M)

I installed /e/ a week ago on a second-hand Samsung Galaxy S4 (SGH-i337M) and it runs fine on WiFi but there was a problem with the SIM card reader and I haven’t been able to get the mobile network service running properly. I have just replaced the SIM card reader and put in a SIM card but am still unable to have the device recognized by the network. The unlock code from the original vendor says “Network unlock successful” but the SIM card still does not register on the network. I am able to read the SIM card number with the SIM Card Info app (id=me.harrygonzalez.simcardinfo) and the SIM card works fine in another phone.

I thought that I had successfully unlocked the phone before installing /e/ but perhaps the faulty SIM card reader prevented that from registering properly?

Also, the phone was originally an SGH-i337M, the Canadian variant of the S4 but the /e/ firmware identifies the phone as a GT-i9505. I’m not sure if that is a factor or whether there is some other explanation. I have downloaded a version of the “stock” SGH-i337M firmware and am thinking that I may have to install that to resolve the network issue.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Hi @dpb on the part

/e/ does not have a ROM for the i337M as yet . I am assuming you downloaded this ROM https://gitlab.e.foundation/e/wiki/en/wikis/device/jfltexx/info which is for Samsung Galaxy S4 - “jfltexx” or the GT-i9505 , which could be why the setting is identifying the device as i9505.
Pl can you try running this command in adb to get your device code name.
adb shell getprop ro.product.device
Samsung apparently has multiple versions under each phone category G4, G5 etc. The differences may be minor but as you may be aware without the correct ROM the phone will not function correctly.

Thanks @Manoj! I’ll try that and see what I get and perhaps try to make a build specific to the SGH-i337M.

I am about to restore stock ROM on this Samsung Galaxy S4 (SGH-i337M) Bell Canada phone to see if I can sort out the mobile network connectivity problem before reinstalling /e/.

I downloaded a stock ROM package from a2zrom.com for the SGH-i337M for Canadian Bell/Telus. It is designed to be installed with Odin but I want to do it with Heimdall on Linux. It contains a number of files over and above the ones listed in the model I am working from in the XDA Developers forum and I am wondering what order to flash them in.

Here are the files from the archive I downloaded:


The instructions in the xda thread give the following order:

8a) sudo heimdall flash --RECOVERY recovery.img --SYSTEM system.img.ext4 --HIDDEN hidden.img.ext4 --BOOT boot.img
8b) sudo heimdall flash --MDM modem.bin --APNHLOS NON-HLOS.bin --ABOOT aboot.mbn --BOOT boot.img --TZ tz.mbn
8c) sudo heimdall flash --CACHE cache.img.ext4

The files not listed in the instructions that are in the package are sbl1.mbn, sbl2.mbn, sbl3.mbn and rpm.mbn I’ve searched to see what these are and what order to flash them in but haven’t seen anything yet.

Any advice much appreciated.

I’m a novice at custom ROM installation and since the xda thread is pretty old, I’m posting query here as well. If I’m barking up the wrong tree, please re-direct me gently.

David Baril
Almonte CA-ON

After nearly bricking it (and discovering that it is not a good idea to connect through a USB hub), I managed to restore the stock ROM (from a2z) with the following Heimdall command

heimdall flash --RECOVERY recovery.img --SYSTEM system.img.ext4 --HIDDEN hidden.img.ext4 --BOOT boot.img
–SBL1 sbl1.mbn --SBL2 sbl2.mbn --SBL3 sbl3.mbn --RPM rpm.mbn

Device is back up and running on stock ROM ! I was never so happy to see all of the Samsung bloatware in my life. AND… the SIM card is now recognized properly which was the problem that originally sent me looking to restore stock ROM.

Now to see if I can build a custom /e/ for the SGH-i337M (jfltecan) without disabling the SIM.

Thanks for listening!